What Is Hot Melt?

Hot melt glue is used in commercial, home, craft, and hobby applications. Hot melt glue comes in sticks of many sizes, chips, beads, and pillows. The hot melt glue can be applied using hot melt glue guns, and skillets.

Hot melt glue differs from most other types of glues in that the hot melt glue sticks are heated in a glue gun before application, and then cool to form a solid bond. The thermoplastic polymers that become liquid when heated and re-solidify when cooled, are used as a basis for hot melt glue for their strength. Materials such as waxes, stabilizers, and tackifiers are added to the adhesive for a specific application.

Typical hot melt glues available in stick form are EVA (Standard Hot Melt), Polyamides (High Temperature Hot Melts) and some APAO (Polyolefins). Most of these products have limited "Open Times" or working time and require fast lamination of the two substrates.

  Why Use Hot Melt?
  • Low cost
  • Easy storage
  • Easy to use
  • Diversity - Hot melt glue can be used for many different jobs
  • Superior seal quality (Hot melt glue penetrates and secures all flaps)
  • Tamper evident packaging - Hot melt glue seals cannot be opened and resealed
Hot melt glue sets quickly and makes less mess than most other glues. The hot melt glue guns are easy to use in many ways. The hot melt glue is compatible and can be used on a wide range of materials. Our Super-Bond stick is an outstanding hobby and packaging glue. This type of hot melt glue stick is great for all applications, such as, floral display work, and gluing fabric on pillows.
Number of Glue Sticks per Pound :

Glue Stick Size Approximate Number of Sticks per Pound
1/4" Dia. Mini x 4" Long 110
7/16" Dia. x 4" Long 45
7/16 Dia. x 10" Long 18
5/8" Dia. x 2" Long 50
5/8" Dia. x 10" Long 11
1" Dia. x 3" Long 12
1-3/4" Dia. x 1-3/4" Long Plugs 8

Adhesive Yield per Pound of Hot Melt Glue :

Bead Size (Half Round) Approximate Linear Feet per Pound
1/16" Diameter Bead 1500' / lb.
1/8" Diameter Bead 260' / lb.
3/16" Diameter Bead 180' / lb.
1/4" Diameter Bead 125' / lb.
3/8" Diameter Bead 60' / lb.
1/2" Diameter Bead 30' / lb.

Hot Melt Glue Stick Guns :

Hot melt stick glue guns are essential to industry for assembly and packaging. These hot melt glue application tools allow manufacturers to manually apply hot melt adhesives from lightweight, low cost applicators using easily handled sticks of glue.

Glue guns can quickly and efficiently melt adhesive in the tip where a high temperature heated cone is located. High temperature and the downward pressure of the adhesive stick against this heated cone create the flow required from the nozzle. Different guns offer very different performance characteristics and should be evaluated closely to fit the application. The key difference between different hot melt stick guns is their melt rate capacity. Simply depressing the trigger on a hot melt stick gun does not always insure consistent hot melt beads are extruded from the nozzle. Too much trigger pressure relative to the melt rate capabilities can force adhesive past the stick and back into the stick chamber. This usually results in a very sluggish gun trigger, leakage from the nozzle and in many cases, a ruined gun.

Also, the stick or slug adhesive used must be the correct size and offer exact expansion coefficient relative to the gun. The hot melt glue in stick form actually expands before melting and forms a seal that keeps the hot melt glue from migrating back into the stick feed chamber.

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